Thursday, November 17, 2011

GBBD November 2011 - better late than never

I have been travelling again and so rather late for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day but I hope that Carol at May Dreams Garden will forgive me - there is still a surprising amount blooming here and I would like to share it.
Summer seems to have continued right into November although the last two nights have been touching zero and days are now about 5C coole than before.
Stars of the show in the garden now are Salvias - brilliant reds, pinks and purples. Also Epilobium Canum ' Western Hills' with its warming orange-red flowers. Gaura is still blooming and the rosemary has come back for tis autumn flowering. Welcome with densely packed white flowers is winter savory. Little cyclamen have returned in the shaded areas beneath trees. Even some roses are blooming, especially the Old China.  Of course we have brilliant berries on the cotoneaster and the ornamental grasses are a delight with their feathery plumes. Leaves on the trees are golden shades but the show is less intense and shorter lived here than in cooler regions. The vineyard is all aglow and we are harvesting our olives.
Happy autumn


scottweberpdx said...

Better late than never indeed! Love the Gaura...why don't I have any yet in my garden?!? Must put it on the list for next year :-)

Christina said...

Great images, Yvonne, I think Salvia's do better in late summer, autumn than mid summer, they always need more water than you expect. I think the rose I called china rose is what you know as Old china from the form of the flowers, I'll have to try to remember that. Christina, hope you can join in foliage day tomorrow.