Monday, November 21, 2011

GBFD Autumn foliage

Foliage is centre stage right now: for a short time we have brilliant coloured autumn leaves on shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants. The Poncirus has bright yellow leaves amongst it long spines; even the Viburnum opulus has red colouration.

The garden is now a patchwork of silver, grey and green.
The vineyard is also all ablaze: San Giovese that forms the base of Chianti and many other local red wines has yellow leaves now but Sagrantino, a strong rich red grape grown only in central Umbria has turned a rich strong red leaf. 

But my great pride and joy is the terrific cabbage I have just grown - a first time for me - and I would like to show it off. But will Christina, host of our Garden Bloggers Foliage Day, allow it as foliage or is it a flower?

Happy autumn leaves to you all,

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