Sunday, October 23, 2011

Garden Bloggers Foliage Day October 2011

After a protracted period of international travel, influenza (caught on my last trip) and general extremes of weather (unusually hot, cold and wet in random order) I realise that the garden has been totally neglected. So at long last the gardeners arrived to finish the gravel garden infront of the house. This really is the least I can do to show the poor garden that I have not forgotten it.

Four truck loads of special 'pink' gravel arrived, sourced from a secret location (it is really REALLY difficult to find nice gravel nowadays), rounded pebbles not angular chippings. It was put not only on the walkways but also carefully around all the small plants to make it look like they are growing naturally through the stones.
 This is all about foliage - thanks to Christina for hosting our GBFD at link - and the gravel garden is just that. Yes there are flowers - salvia microphylla and gaura are in bloom right now - but the pebbles really show off the patterns of leaves and forms of the plants to good effect. It also provided protection from drought and cold.

I just hope that the pebbles are deep enough because otherwise I am about to face a purgatory of weeding. Even the taller plants enjoy the gravel - the rounded lobes of Coronilla glauca show to good effect with the 'sugared almonds' forms of gravel behind.
Happy autumn gardening,


Christina said...

You're right your gravel is very good, and a lovely colour. I love things growing in gravel and as you say it does show off the plants to advantage. Thanks for joining GBFD again. I think we'll have to wait for our autumn colour for a bit longer. Christina

The Sage Butterfly said...

I like the effect of 'sugared almonds'...very nice. The plants seem to really stand out among the pebbles.