Friday, September 23, 2011

Foliage Day - September 2011

Inspired by Christina at 'Creating My Garden of the Hesperides' I am taking a closer look at foliage in my garden - which is as decorative as flowers and much more important for structure and year-round interest. Here in central Italy we rely on slivery leaved plants to withstand the months of drought. Variagated leaves are also successful in hot climates.
More every 22nd of the month on this topic.


Christine M said...

Beautiful pictures! Is the last silvery shrub a curry plant?

Christine M said...

I want to plant some decorative trees in November. Could you advise which trees are appropriate for a west-facing hillside at 550 meters? I need to replace many diseased elm trees.

Christina said...

Hi Yvvone, sorry I didn't see your post before; your comment was sent to spam and didn't even appear there until today. Quite right about the silver foliage; where would we be without it. I find some variegated foliage burns quite badly if there are white areas to the leaf. Glad you're back blogging. Christina