Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Villa Lante - last outing of autumn

An outing with the Giardino Romano garden club to the Villa Lante near Viterbo - quite daring considering how late inthe season it is but the weather was kind to us. The visit was arranged specially in order to be guided by Dottoressa Bonaccio who has just written the definative work on the Villa, from a study of Cardinal Gambera's correspondence on the spiritual importance and symbolism of the design of the house and gardens. A unique work and a fascinating day.

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my hesperidesgarden said...

What a shame I didn't know you were coming to Villa Lante, it's so close to me we could have at last met up and I could have given you the Datura. I'm glad you enjoyed Villa Lante and I envy you the guide, I'm struggling through the book - must make more effort to finish it.