Monday, October 25, 2010

Bulb planting marathon

I have had 1,000 bulbs delivered from Peter Nyssen in Manchester. Well actually 985 bulbs but 1,000 sounds like a lot more. Some are fairly small: lots of species Crocus. The Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) 'Blue Spike' are much bigger than normal so I expect great things from them. I have planted up a very large terracotta bowl with Crocus, Brodilea, Sternbergia and Scilla Peruviana (not originating in Peru but first brought to Bristol on a ship named Peru ...). Flowering at the moment are yellow Sterbergia and purple, fragrant autumn crocus Pulchellus. But my best 'bulbs' this autumn are my first ever onions inthe veg plot, red 'Tropea' and traditional golden, set out on a wooden slatted box to dry.


Roberto Inzerillo said...

Hallo Yvonne, I'm from Sicily and very fund of Tulips. I stomped into your blog looking for informations about Peter Nyssen, I see you bought a "few" bulbs at his shop.
I was wondering what's your feeling about the quality. I don't know anyone that already bought something at Peter Nyssen's ... I'd like to buy a few thousands of 'em next year, so you see I'd prefer knowing more about it.

Yvonne said...

Ciao Roberto
Sorry I cannot reply directly to you - I would be very interested in your garden in Sicily.
Regarding Peter Nyssen: they were recommended to me by a fellow Med Garden Soc member. I have bought bulbs via mai order from them for at least 3 years now and find them very high quality (the bulbs are much bigger than the same thing sold by Bakker Italia) and very good value, especially if you buy large numbers of any one type. They have an excellent range of tulips. The delivery charges are not high and they are very efficient - the main problems I have had were with the Italian courier. Try them!