Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring in South Africa

My business trip to Johannesburg took me from autumn to spring; flowering coming into bloom, some of which I can fin din my own garden (thanks to the Victorian plant hunters) but others less familiar. There was one little plant that I think would be very useful in my garden: it was a low carpeting slivery green with a leaf that ressembled Artemesia but had mauve flowers. Anybody know what it is?


Elephant's Eye said...

Your query is Geranium incanum. Had one self seeded in our garden.

Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

Not a bad "business" trip. Spending time in African gardens. Looking forward to more succulent "close ups" . Bacione, Ingrid

my hesperidesgarden said...

Welcome back. Lucky you! How lovely to be in spring again even for only a short while. Actually I feel that it is like a second more gentle spring in my garden. Everything is looking fresher again and the roses are giving their best for a second or third time. R. mutabilis is looking stunning. Christina