Monday, November 15, 2010

GBBG November 2010

We are now mid November and despite a gloomy wet start to the month we have been enjoying a few days of warm sunny weather. Today is foggy and damp so I have to confess that I took most of the photos yesterday, but these are all blooming in the garden right now. The big bonus is that the Chinese roses are (nearly) all in bloom: the ubitquitous Mutabilis of course, but also Sanguinea, Gruss an Teplitz, Felemberg. I have threatened the roses that should be covering the pergola - Awakening - supposed to be the same as New Dawn but with more complex flowers - with eviction, so they seem to have bucked their ideas up and are flowering like mad. A stay of execution but I want them to grow taller. The salvias in the new gravel garden have been magnificent as has Epilobium Western Hills - although the salvias are taller and the Epilobium shorter than I had expected hence perhaps planted in the wrong places. Autumn colours in abundance with the cornus and Kaki fruits, even the reeds in the pond are golden.


Mac_fromAustralia said...

Lovely photos. Beautiful shades of pink.

My Hesperides Garden said...

Chinese roses are so good, aren't they? I don't mind at all the mutabilis is every where, it deserves to be. No fog here but its clouding up now. Christina

Esther Montgomery said...

I hadn't expected your garden to look so summery still.