Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow - at last - and terracotta

We missed out on the snow so far this winter although the temperatures have been quite low, minus 6 C. So it was a nice surprise to wake this morning to a dusting of snow which transforms the garden. The terracotta pots now really come into their own and add a touch of warm colour to the monchrome scene. The nymph looks rather chily and is pulling her terracotta robe a little tighter against the cold. The large pots show their textures and ridges to great advantage with snow revealing the contours.


Esther Montgomery said...

Very, very pretty.


TurboLotte said...

So you have some snow in Perugia also? I have only been in P once. I lived in Ravenna for 8 years, but I did not have a garden. Only here in Norway. But now it is all covered in over 1m snow...