Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spanner in the works

I have not posted anything much recently, partly due to the off-putting weather, but largely because there has been a bit of a spanner in the workings of my garden plan and I have just ground to a halt.
The local Vigili del Fuoco (Fire Brigade) came round and inspected the LPG gas tank which is buried in the front garden. I was just about to plant a whole load of shrubs around it when they said that instead I had to put a fence 2m high and about 4m x 5m long and must do this within the month. I wouldn't care but the tank is RIGHT INFRONT of the front door of the house. Oh well, I thought, I will just have to put bigger shrubs around it. But NO, NOT ALLOWED, there cannot be vegetation within 10m of the tank nor stones nor gravel. WHY????
Anyway, I had to get it done right away (cost Euro 900) for fear of being fined. Now what to do? Moving the tank somewhere less obtrusive would be the most obvious thing to do, but finding a suitable site is not that easy - the regulations are very tight on where it can go. And the gas company will have to agree and the fire brigade will have to come and inspect again and how much will it all cost and on it goes.
A sympathetic friend came and looked at it and asked a question that I really could not answer: is the fence to keep people out or to keep something in? Search me.
Watch this space.


Di said...

Hello Yvonne, so sorry to hear about the difficulty; the rules and regulations continue everywhere, and I'm afraid they will continue to mount. We hope you will have a wonderful weekend. Diana

maría cecilia said...

Oh Oh, those are not very good news... but maybe there`s still an option that can be yet found, hope so....
Muchos cariños, Ivonne
Maria Cecilia

bare-faced gardener said...

Hope things are being sorted out for you and not at the cost you indicated - OMG !!!

The Group got their blog and would love it if you were to follow !

Esther Montgomery said...



Christina said...

Hi Yvonne
I live and garden in Viterbo, so maybe not too far from you. It would be great to correspond with another English speaking Italian gardener. I haven't started my blog yet but I will in a couple of months. I am working on a blog with some Italians who are passionate gardens. The site is only just begining but maybe you can join us as a follower and join our proposed garden visits.
What a terrible story about your bombola, makes me worried about mine.