Monday, February 8, 2010

Comments commentary

I very much appreciate it when people take the time and trouble to leave a comment on this blog. But recently I have started to get a lot of 'spam' comments which are rather annoying and so I am sorry but I have had to impose a lot of tedious procedures. Please don't be put off - perhaps the spammers will get fed up and go away then I can remove the security again.


jrum28 said...

Hi Yvonne,
I've just found your great blog! A real inspiration for someone like me who is waiting (impatiently) to move to our new place in the countryside of NSW Australia to create a garden. Similar climate so now I've found you, I'll mark you as a favorite. Thanks! Jane

Yvonne said...

Lovely to meet you, Jane - isn't this blogging great?
Perhaps you might consider joining the local branch of the Mediterranean Garden Society in NWS who also have a lot of enthusiasms and challenges in common with you. Happy New Garden.

sylvia said...

Hi Yvonne, I've just found your blog and Im delighted !! Perhaps you know if there also a section local branch for gardeners nelle Marche?? Sounds great to be a member !!
Thanks ! Sylvia

Yvonne said...

Lovely to meet you Sylvia - the Mediterranean Garden Society has a lot of members in the Marche so if you join the Italian branch you will certainly get to meet them plus lots of others in Italy. I hope you do join us!

Esther Montgomery said...

Apart from spammers on the blog itself, once they get hold of you . . . they don't arf get going. I see the counter ticking up on my spam box as I compose an email. It's maddening.


Christina said...

Thanks for your message on the San Fiacre blog which is on hold at the moment due to problems with other members of the group. I'll update you as soon as things get going again.
Can you send me details about the AGM of the Med Garden Society; I've been meaning to join for ages and maybe even start a group in this area. Maybe we can even meet up at the meeting. Christina

Yvonne said...

Sorry not to be able to contact you directly but the MGS AGM will be held at the Vitero Botanical Garden on Thursday 18 March. Please contact the Italy Branch Head - Jon Parker email: tel 0587 684566
Hope thant you can make it,