Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back again in time to trim

Sorry to have been silent for so long - I have been away in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur on business. I arrived back in Italy to be met with snow - most unusual at this time of year and it is still visible on the hills several days later. The bulbs that had started to raise theirs heads up were all dashed back onto the ground by the weight of the snow.
But a sunny day yesterday got me out there pruning, just in time as the roses are already sending out new shoots, despite the snow. To tempt me home whilst I was in the Far East I got an email saying 'Come home soon, I have bought you some electronic secateurs'. Well who could resist - I was home in flash!
Actually, I normally hate gadgets but this has really worked well for me. After having hurt my shoulder so badly when pruning a couple of years ago that I ended up in hospital, I think these recharegable secateurs are just the thing. They are not as heavy or bulky as they look in the photo and the charge lasted all afternoon. They cut cleanly, even if you hold them at arms' length, and are ok for roses except for the really big old branches, so it is long handles loppers for those. The only thing that takes a bit of getting used to is that the blade is not exactly where you think it is so at first I cut branches off a little wide of the mark, but now have got the hang of it.
Happy pruning everyone!

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