Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Figs - main crop

The main season of figs is now with us - a little early but very welcome. The hot sunshine intensifies the sweetness and when they are ripe the fruit start to drip honey-like sweet juice. Nothing nicer than going into the garden and picking ripe figs for breakfast. I may even make fig jam.


Carol said...

LUCKY YOU!!! The most delicious and sensual of fruit. Enjoy!

María Cecilia said...

Hi dear, what lovely figs (higos), I just love them and have two fig trees in my hill, mostly baby ones. Now they are naked but 2 months from now leaves start coming and the figs come in December, then another bloom in April.
Muchos cariños
María Cecilia

Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

One of the reasons I love this country... figs - with pecorino cheese! Lucky you to have them in your garden! Enjoy! Bacione e buon week-end, Ingrid

Barbara Zaragoza said...

Mmmm. And what a great tip -- pecorino cheese with figs. Here in Naples I haven't seen figs yet. We've been eating Watermelons all summer long.