Sunday, September 20, 2009

Belated Bloom Day September 2009

Sorry I'm late with my Bloom Day photos - these plants were all in flower last week - honest - but I was not at home to photograph them. Lots of late colour coming through now, including reds and strong pinks. Sedum is a great plant for this climate but I am also pleased with the Gaura which has formed decent sized clumps even in the first year and softens the shrubbery. A surprise to find the Philadelphus in flower but here it tends to repeat - aren't we lucky, even if the scent is not so strong as in spring. The Euonymus Europeus 'Priest's Hat' Spindle tree is rather fun and the favourite rose Phyllis Bide is coming back into flower. The Caryopteris is an exciting blue combination with the Buddleia which are still blooming and they are all covered with butterflies.


María Cecilia said...

Hello Ivonne, is so good to see your garden again and to know that fall has it´s beauty in your garden as well. Here we are right into spring and everything is blooming again. I can´t wait to see how hollyhocks will bloom aprox. in november... I have planted so many of them from my own seeds and some others of friends.
maria cecilia

Carol said...

Yvonne, I love your Gaura... and when blown up it is even lovelier with the light and texture of the rock. Beautiful. Hope you had a lovely summer. Carol