Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August

August is a difficult month here for blooms - it is usually so hot and dry that almost everything goes to sleep (including people). Even the water plants are taking a rest, although the lilies keep going but not so many as in springtime. Thankfully the Oleanders carry their flowers throughout the hot season and the Rubeckia adds welcome colour to the 'hot' flower bed. Elsewhere it is almost all blue flowers: the Perovskia is finishing now but still creates a steely blue haze; Hyssop makes an interesting if a bit messy low hedge and Tulbaghia, a relative of allium, adds a zing to groups of grasses and Veronica Bonariensis which is still holding on. Ceratostigma is the star with intense blue flowers that come out just now. Last but not least, the ornamental grasses are starting to 'flower' that is show their silky heads which pick up the slightest breeze.


JGH said...

You're inspiring me to try to grow more grasses, Yvonne. Those are just beautiful. I like the flowers too, of course!

lisavollrath said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing, and happy Bloom Day!

Carol said...

Enjoy your silky grass blooms and breezes.

Carol said...

A nice showing of blooms for a hot Mediterranean climate! Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

donna said...

I like how the ornamental grasses wave in the breeze. Your blooms are very pretty and I'm glad I stopped by for a visit.

María Cecilia said...

Hi, I´ve just found your blog (from "vita lenta nel bel paese" blog) and before having a look at it, which I´ve done a few, what got my attention is that you live 450 mts. over sea level and that there`s nowhere you can find help because temperatures are extreme from winter to summer... well, this is mostly what happens to me here in Chile, in the Los Andes Mountains, where I live, at 1080 mts over sea level. I love gardening and have more or less same problem you have; winter is extremely cold and summer so hot... though my garden is surviving everything.
Perhaps you would like to have a look at my recently opend blog where I´m posting photos of my garden.. and home.
Congratulations, and now I´ll have a look at your blog.
(please excuse my English)
María Cecilia

Carol said...

Hi, Yvonne, everyone who entered the drawing for the Cobrahead hand weeder is getting one. Can you send me your email address so I can hook you up with the company to get your address... send the email to me at Indygardener AT

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sylvana said...

Great photos! Your garden must be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned!