Monday, July 20, 2009

Figs - i primi

Figs have two fruitings each year - or at least they are supposed to, but usually we only seem to get the one later in the year. The first is the 'primi' in July, where the fruit have been on the tree all winter. This year we have loads of primi and I think that it is thanks to the generous winter rains. Quite a treat as these early fruit are especially juicy. Then just wait until September for the summer figs which will be a bit smaller but more intensely sweet.


Carol said...

Lovely and they do look so yummy... great colors with the blue plate. Brings to mind a movie ...was it after DH Lawrence... Alan Bates... what was the name... a picnic and Bates shows the proper way to eat a fig... sad ending but I never forgot that fig scene.

Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

I prefer the autumn figs - with pecorino! Missed your post on the capers. Thanks for the tip! I will absolutely try to plant in my tiny garden. Enjoy the evenings in your stunning garden, cara! Hope to see you a little later this summer. Off for Stockholm for a week. Will be back soon. Bacione, Ingrid