Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well I suppose we all think that our problems with predators in our gardens are worse than anyone else's but how about this: a fellow Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day blogger in Alaska has moose in her veg plot. I will copy here part of her post because I could not have made this up:

"Harvested by me: red onions that have flower heads, 1 square of cilantro (drying in the dehydrator)

Harvested by the moose: broccoli (only one head and leaves), sugar snap peas (90% of plants and peas) Damn you! A young bull being “chased” by a woman in a car popped into my back yard while I was watering. A quick squirt of the hose in his direction sent him away. However, he must have caught sight of my succulent sugar snap peas and came back later."

For the full blog here is the URL
Makes the porcupine seem almost cuddly.
You have to be tough to garden in Alaska!

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Carol said...

A good example for keeping life's glitches in perspective. Yikes I would not want that guy in my garden!