Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roses - end of term report

Now that high summer has arrived the roses are going to sleep until cooler weather returns - estivation, the summer version of hibernation - so here is my review of the performance so far of the climbing roses I planted around the pond area during winter.
Top marks - Phyllis Bide which has made good bushy growth and has been in flower without a pause until now. The individual flowers are not very spectacular but taken as a whole it is a very ornamental plant. I have already ordered some more to plant this winter.
Good flowers & growth - Old Blush, Pompom de Paris, Rosa Macrantha - all had a lot of blooms but only a single flush. Sally Holmes has kept going but it was a container plant put in at the last minute however it is taller than normal and has served a good purpose peeping over the top of a 'pretend' ruined wall (photo). Bouquet d'Or has had some nice flowers, so high hopes for next year. Rugosa Hansa has done well with a single flush but nice hips forming.
Good flowers, weak growth - Cramoisi Supérieur has kept in bloom throughout but on twiggy stems. Blush Noisette has flowered lots but not grown very tall, although it is supposed to be shorter than the others - I have ordered more of this rose.
Good growth but few flowers - Guinée, Cecile Brunner, Rambling Rector, Paul's Himalyan Musk, Zéphirine Drouhin, Gardenia, Devoniensis are all reasonable sized plants now so let's hope they turn their minds to flowering next year. Banksiae Lutescens only really started to get going once the weather had got really warm in July and now it is putting on a lot of good growth which ought to bring very early flowers next spring.
Disappointing - Mme Berard, Souvenir de Mme L Viennot both have done miserably but I think I have put them in the wrong places and perhaps I should swop them around this winter - one likes full sun and the other prefers a bit of shade. Rugosa Marie Bugnet has suffered badly in the hot dry conditions although I must confess that it is planted in almost entirely stones so perhaps no rose would have thrived.
So my rose order for this winter will contain a few repeats of these but definitely stick to Noisettes and Chinas.

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