Friday, August 8, 2008

July - saved by the oleanders

What happened to July? If it hadn't been for the Oleanders (Nerium) it would have passed without notice. Even so, poor show compared with the ones in Rome (the streets of Parioli are lined with standard Oleanders) or even the house down the road from me. I sometimes wonder whether it is worth the effort of nursing them them through the winter here but they do fill a difficult part of the summer. My current favourite is a rather nice creamy white/yellow which glows in the evening light.
The only plants to really put in adecent appearance apart from them were the Agapanthus - my white versions were slow to get to flower but this year have done well and a Bird of Paradise (Caesalpina) that I am growing in a pot from a seedling bought at an MGS plant sale: I am wondering whether to risk planting it out or maybe another winter indoors.
But the flower beds are looking dreadful not just because nothing's blooming - the porcupine has gone mad and has dug masses of deep holes everywhere. Even where there were no bulbs it has destroyed the roots of plants and wrecked everything.

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