Monday, June 23, 2008

Pond life - pressing on regardless

The Expert has been consulted and he assures me that the plants in the shallow zone will be alright provided they are watered once or twice (max) per day and their root balls are kept damp. Easier said than done with temperatures as they are at the moment - 37 degrees today. In fact the group of 3x Water Mint is also looking pretty crisped up but it was like that right from the start so probably I will have to find new ones to replace them.
I went round with a watering can at about 4pm trying to put water only on the roots and not to splash the leaves - it was like a furnace with sunshine reflecting off the gravel and rocks which are not yet submerged.
Local people are not worried about the performance of the well and rather tend to be impressed at the amount it has delivered so far. The target volume is somewhere in excess of 500 cubic metres, whereas a standard 12x6m pool would be a fraction of that, and we are in fact well on the way to achieving it. So I am going to have to content myself with only running the pump for a couple of hours per day and the process taking at least another 10 days. Meanwhile can I manage to keep the aquatic plants alive?

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