Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pond life - plant (and knee) rescue

The little aquatic plants have started to look awfully sad. In fact quite a lot have lost their leaves and the water in their tanks is rather a vivid green. So another call to the Expert who recommends tranferring the plants to the pond where they can have more water and light - in the corner by the steps. So I spent an entire afternoon carting them round in a bucket and then emptying the tanks with a bucket using the water on the garden and flower pots (waste not want not...).
Meanwhile the planting goes on relentless and my knees are red raw with kneeling on the gravel not to mention the stiff muscles. But yesterday very kind neighbours brought me some knee pads and a foam kneeling pad. Brilliant - this has transformed the experience and made it much more likely that I will see the job through. My planting outfit is now Roller Ball meets Ground Force.


from the Boot said...

I am so impressed with this amazing creation. can't wait to see it today. My compliments to you for your tenacity,devotion and dedication to create this beautiful pond. Surely the only on in Umbria of its kind, and I dare say, Italy.

Hilary said...

Well done! I am sure it will all be worth it when established!
We live at 800m 2 hours south of Naples. Rock everywhere-its a wonder anything grows. Your blog is so helpful and I am relieved to find someone who is good at overcoming obstacles!
Good luck!