Friday, June 20, 2008

Pond life - planting plants

And now at last they are putting in the plants. This is by far the nicest part of the whole project. Despite the fact that the water level is only rising v slowly (thanks to Enel) the gardeners have managed to put in most of the plants. Now I have to keep the ones around the edge watered regularly for the next few days – maybe a week – whilst the water arrives. The Expert has added a special bio agent which will stimulate the creation of micro organisms and help the plants to do their job of cleaning the water.
The Expert cannot hang around whilst the pond fills up, so as we go along I have to plant more of the little aquatic plants which cannot survive without being submerged. Every time the level rises another few inches I have to put in clumps of the weedy stuff, spaced about 1 foot apart just pushed into the sand. The trick with this, as I discovered this morning, is not to let it go too far otherwise risk getting wellingtons full of sand.

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