Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pond life - gadgets

It actually takes quite a lot of technology to create a 'natural' environment. The water in the pond will evaporate quickly in summer and needs to be topped up regularly from the well, so there is a control system to switch the pump on & off. The surface water gets warm and carries leaves and suchlike so it flows slowly into a 'skimmer' where the flotsam is screened off. Then the water is fed into a tube which pipes it round the edge of the pond and feeds it back in though the gravel past the roots of the plants. The pump that drives the process is very small and uses as much electricity as a light bulb. If the pump fails for whatever reason, the pond can keep going quite happily just with the action of the plants but this circulation process is to make sure it is really effective.
To pick up any mud or stuff that might accumulate on the floor of the pond there is a 'robot' which essentially is an underwater vacuum cleaner which walks around automatically and even climbs up the walls if you ask it to.

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