Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boring but important - Santolina

Yes I know that Santolina is really common as an edging plant in municipal gardens but it has so many redeeming features that we ought to take another look at it. For the climate in my garden it is pretty nearly indestructible and can even tolerate planting late(ish) in the spring when others would just crisp-up. It can be trimmed and shaped. But mixed in with other 'garrigue' plants such as Cistus or Phlomis it can certainly hold its own. The yellow pom-pom flowers are considered unsophisticated and some MGS gardeners boast that they cut them off. But there is a place for yellow flowers in the garden (sometime, somewhere) but in any case there is a type of Santolina that has creamy flowers - a whole different class. And what about the green leaved Santolina? With yellow flowers and mixed with variagated sage I think its looks great.


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