Friday, February 22, 2008

Pond life - earth moving

In preparation for the impermeable liner, the digger is carving our a trench where the edges will be tucked in. Also I have asked for a couple of big stones to sit in the water with a bit showing above, so that frogs (or people) can sit and sun bathe. This means that a couple of niches have to be dug out and filled with sand so that the rocks don't rip the liner when they are put in place. Also a drainage system is being installed at a distance from the edge of the pond to stop rainwater running off the olivegrove and washing soil into the pond. The location for a shower is identified and linked into the drainage system: it is important that swimmers shower off any grease and suntan lotion before going in the water because it creates more stuff for the plants to purify. Finally, soil is backfilled behind the tall wall and the ground levelled off. It is starting to look almost like a garden again.


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