Saturday, December 1, 2007

November - packing up for winter

The temperature has fallen and we have already had a few frosts, but still very little rain. I have brought the lemons trees and other tender plants in pots, such as Plumbago, indoors. The shed provides enough protection to keep the frost off them and luckily there is enough space under the window so they can get the light they need.
There are few flowers in garden except the geraniums putting on a last brave show - they must come indoors soon too - and the most welcome splash of pink from the Nerine bowdenii which does well in a pot although don't expect it to flower in the first year. I have given the honeysuckle by the front door a hard pruning to stop it getting too woody. Other pruning I leave until spring.
The veg plot is quietly growing brassicas and the broad bean and pea seeds have sprouted: better get some fleece over them when the weather gets properly cold. I had tried to keep the butterflies off the cabbages by putting netting over them - a success at the beginning but they got in at the ends where I had left the net open and now the Cavolo Nero is being eaten to shreds by caterpillars steadily working their way from the edges of the row inwards. A few last peppers and chillies remain on the plants so I gather them in and clear the rows. The artichokes are sending up their silver spiky leaves and bringing definition to a garden that is otherwise becoming dark and soft.

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