Monday, July 15, 2013

GBBD July 2013

 The last month has flown by - here unusually wet and cool with many thunderstorms. Whilst some plants have enjoyed the extra water the weeds have gone into overdrive.
 But at least those blooms that would normally have been burned off by now are still in evidence.
Agapanthus is particularly good this year. I find it best in pots where the constrained roots are more likely to send out flowers. The gravel garden is also continuing to produce new blooms with bright red Epilobium particularly striking.

The lush growth of Stipa, Perowskia and Buddleja glows in the evening light.
Happy Bloom Day to all,


Marian S said...

What beautiful agapanthus! It doesn't like me but I certainly like it! Lovely garden too.

Denise said...

Too much water, too little water, too cold, too hot -- I'm reading lots of these accounts on Bloom Day posts, and yet the gardens in question, like yours, always look wonderful to me. I love that fireweed in both its red and pale colors. Happy BD.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

What a pretty pond.