Friday, June 21, 2013

GBBD June 2013 (late again ....)

The China roses continue to bloom - some now, others earlier, some already on a second flush. Cecil Brunner really comes into its own now.
The dry garden is a blaze of hot colour, partly thanks to wild poppies I have allowed to set seed but largely a mixture of Achillea: Paprika, Terracotta and a yellow one on short stems with nice silver foliage (? Flowers of Suphur?). Also a red form of Gaura. The addition of Nepeta, Verbena venosa and Salvia barrelieri calms the fervid intensity. I am trying Salvia 'Alan Chickering' for the first time and very much admire the spires of spikey flowers but worry that it will been seen off in the winter cold. But I have finally managed to get an Eryngium to grow and flower - must do more next year.

 Belated greetings for Bloom Day.


Nuno Silva said...

Nice meadow!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful !!!!seems to be a painter's palette. I would love to be a part of my garden as well .... but you never stop in the garden... so who knows?