Friday, March 15, 2013

GBBD March 2013

 Spring is not exactly here yet - still cold, wet and very windy. But the plants seem to feel that a change is in the air and they are putting on growth and coming into bloom. 

 Little species daffoldils seem to have survived from last year but not perhaps as many as before. These are in the shade under a bush and that may have helped.
 Crocus bulbs have been cheerful but short-lived. I like the jewel colours alongside silver foliage like this tanacetum.

Anenome coronari are nice and colourful but a bit patchy.
Tiny Iris Reticulata are also short lived but the Iris Unguicularis has been in bloom since January.

 Wild plants like the common Gorse, Cornus Mas and violets all find a place in the garden.

Hellebores - difficult to photograph because they hang their heads - are late to bloom here. A surprise is the indoor Hyacinths from last year that I planted out in a corner of the garden.


Angie said...

You have plenty going on. I like the colour of your Hyacinth. It is difficult getting some pictures at this time of the year isn't it!

jane said...

I love the blending of the native wildflowers with your garden flowers. Do you usually receive any snowfall during the winter months? Happy Bloom Day from USDA Zone 6a in Michigan!