Sunday, July 15, 2012

GBBD July 2012

 The weather has been impossible for the past six weeks. Hot dry winds and temperatures in the high 30s touching 40C. June was mostly 10C above seasonal norm, more like August.
 So the garden is looking terrible. A few plants seem not to be bothered - Achillea and Perovskia for instance. But everything else is looking pretty sad. The veg patch is too - people locally are finding that putting fleece over lettuce is one way to keep them from being scorched.
 The pond has been evaporating so fast that it has been difficult to keep it topped up. The waterlilies keep blooming, though. 
The forcast is that we will have to put up with another week or two like this before there is any hope of rain.
Happy Bloom Day nonetheless,

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Christina said...

Hi Yvonne, this weather is horrid. I hate he heat and that it's so hot at night, making it difficult to sleep. You've posted some good images, even my Perovskia is suffering this year. Christina