Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GBBD May 2012

The weather has suddenly turned cold and very windy - so I took these photos a day ago whilst it was a bit calmer. The China Rose garden has really come on - I now have 25 different Chinas and they are coming into bloom. Here are two views but there are more roses outside these.
Happy May Bloom Day


Lea said...

I love roses!
Happy Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie

Andrew@gardening tips said...

Roses for me are the garden

It is a shame that of late the gardening television programmes all seem to push the new gardeners towards easily maintained gardens and often do not even mention the Roses.

Every garden should have at least one.
Thanks for sharing

unrosetoinviacerreto said...

Good evening, Mrs. Yvonne, yesterday I went to visit in UmbriaIn the garden of Mrs. Fe Ostiani and she told me that not far away there was an extraordinary garden where a lady
experimented with plants needing little water.
It seemed like a nice coincidence to have understood that we were talking the same person that I had discovered a few days before on his blog.
I will follow with interest your work and I hope one day to
see for yourself your garden.
Happy gardening.