Monday, May 17, 2010

War on weeds

A short respite from the endless rain and the weeds are roaring out of the ground. Particulary bad this year is wild Vetch and Docks. Attacking the terraces where the earth is stony is not so bad; the task of getting rid of them from the heavy clay is much more daunting. But I like to weed by hand as it gives me a chance to see how everyone is doing, and to make sure not to damage the bulbs which only I know are hidden there (and sometimes not even I do). But I am also careful to leave the self-seeded wild poppies as their splash of colour is only too welcome and echo the Rot Hot Pokers that have started to bloom and reflect on the water surface. I also found some self-seeded Euphorbia and wild Verbascum which I will leave to grow on.


Christina said...

Your red hot pokers are very early, my red ones are nowhere near in flower, I have some pale yellow ones that are just begining. I love the poppies too - I've even thought of turning the earth in autumn just to have more of them in spring.

Jana said...

Hi Yvonne, thanks for the kind commentary on my blog.