Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' (Wet) Bloom Day May 2010

Most unusually, we have had never ending rain and more storms and rain forecast for the coming weeks. Last May we had no rain whatsoever and the temperature was in the mid 30s, so this is a bit of a shock. Many plants have been beaten to the ground and petals strewn around. But the frogs are happy and their chorus is louder than ever (if that were possible).

Some plants are bearing up however and the flowers on the salvia, centranthus, barba jovis rhaphiolepis and convolvulus are good. In fact the raindrops hanging from the fronds of bronze fennel and artemesia are quite attractive. The Zepherine Drouhin is sheltered so has not suffered as badly as Mme Alfred Carrier, Mutabilis and Old Blush.

The iris have been struggling to stand up and their big petals are weighed down by the water; the best ones are under the shelter of olive trees. The Dutch bulb form are even bent over. The gladiolus bizantium (new this year) have down well and perhaps they like this weather.
Must dash now and get back out there to bale out a huge puddle... but do go to Carol's blog at May Dreams Garden to see what other bloggers around the world have in bloom


joco said...

Hiya Yvonne,
Isn't it all weird weatherwise.
We are having our first warm day this afternoon, 64 degrees forcast.!!!
Tomorrow back to wind, rain, freezing cold. Today will be our Summer then :-)
Better make the most of it.So no reason for being homesick.
I always enjoy your post with the smaller pictures. Dial up usually requires an awful lot of time.
Your beautiful roses have taken a bit of a beating.
Most of my gardening is now under cover or indoors. Self defence :-)

Carol said...

Yvonne, Your garden is so lovely ... I take it the frogs are celebrating spring ... they will surely love the rain... though it is hard on the blooms your gardens will too. I do hope you get some sunny days too to enjoy your enchanting world.

Gail said...

Yvonne, Sighing with you~We have had a bad time here in Nashville and it's raining again...From a distance the swathes of color look good, it's when you want a macro shot that you see the dirt on the petal and the mushy flowers! here's hoping it dries out and your flowers can recover~gail

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I had to click on each individual photo to get the true scope of your plants. I was awestruck with not only the plants but the view beyond. Very nice. Valerie

Sue Swift said...

My GBBD post was moaning about the rain too. here today it finally seems to be clearing up at last - bright sunshine this afternnoon and no rain forecast for the next few days. I hope it will clear in the centre too soon.