Thursday, April 8, 2010

More plants - how many more?

Back after another pause - this time because a bolt of lightning struck the house and blew up all the computers, phones etc. Surely there must be a means to prevent this?
Anyway, in the meantime my vivaista has been here with a truck load (or two) of plants and a team of gardeners to tidy up the garden around the pond and to fill in the gaps. They mowed the Burmuda grass almost down to the bare earth and hoed around all the plants. By the way - the garden hoe (english or dutch) is unknown in Italy: they just have a crude zapper of agricultural type. We took the opportunity to do trimming back and feeding too.
We also added a lot more Chinese roses - there are approaching 70 now - and dug a lot of new ground for new planting. The Terracotta Nymph was a little squeamish about having more Louis XIV planted around her feet.
So all this effort was just to consolidate the existing planting - how much more to go?

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Elephant's Eye said...

Keep the lightning out of your computer with a surge protector on the circuit board. That way it blows a warning fuse, instead of the computer.