Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Planting pause

No post just at the moment: I have been travelling (on business) last week to Tunis and at the moment I am in Perth WA. So no planting right now. I have managed to get some liitle plants in the ground already but mostly in sandy or stony soil where I confident that there will be good drainage. The area where I had wanted to put a collection of Teucriums and Santolinas is just too clayey and water logged so no progress until I can get a load of grit delivered. So in the meantime I am studying the plants in these far away places where the climate is truly Mediterranean but the indigenous flora totally different. Photos and observations to follow soon.
G'day to y' all (to be read in a comic zzie accent ...).


janie said...

I wondered about you. I missed you. I hope you bring pictures of your travels!

maría cecilia said...

Hi Ivonne, Hope you are having a good time in your travels, and also hope you learn a lot and share with us what you have come up with.
Have a good time
María Cecilia