Saturday, October 31, 2009

Filippi plants arrive

My order has arrived from Olivier Filippi. The plants are very carefully packed and shipped by special courier. They seem to have survived the journey - but can I remember what I ordered? More crucially, can I plant them properly before they start to suffer in their pots ... a daunting prospect. All those special Teucrium, Santolina, Salvia, Oleander, Medicago, Buddleia, Lonicera, Coronilla ... reliant on me to do the right thing.


maría cecilia said...

Hello Ivonne, you´ll have a lot of work, darling, but surely it´ll be so nice when spring comes and you´ll enjoy the beauty of them.
María Cecilia

janie said...

They seem to have packed them with care. I love to order plants, bulbs, seeds...

I want to see pictures when they grow and are beautiful!