Monday, June 8, 2009

Showing off - rose arch

I know that I usually moan about my failures on this blog, but just for once I would like to show off. The local fabbro has made-to-measure a wrought iron rose arch with a gate for the entrance to the pond. He used his creative flair and I think has done a very good job.
The rose climbing over the arch is Felicité e Perpetué which flowers (usefully) late but sadly only once. The arch is quite deep so as to give an air of mystery about the approach and the rose is echoed within by Philadelphus, which has its white heavily perfumed flowers at the same time.


Carol said...

Bravo and how lovely! Your arch and gate are a great success! They will last for decades to come with delicate roses climbing over... Perfect! Love the color of the clay next to the iron and green of the rose.

joco said...

I want one!
How elegant. Nice choice of rose for it.