Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chinese rose report

Following a couple of days of heavy rain the roses are looking a lot happier. Even so, some are doing better than others.
Honourable mentions for climbers go to Pompom de Paris and Old Blush. Cramoisie Superieure Clg was a slower starter but now doing quite well and in flower.
Shrub roses Camellia and Beauty of Rosemaur have been flowering right from the start and growing nicely; Gruss an Tauplitz and Felemberg have taken longer to flower but are putting on good growth. Arethusa is growing well with nicely coloured fresh foliage but the flowers tend to fall very quickly; Perle d'Or and Queen Mab are being a bit slower and their flowers are also quick to drop. Sanginuea has had a terrible time and I think that I have lost half the plants after repeated animal attacks. By contract, the Mutabilis that suffered similar damage has pulled itself together and will, I hope, survive.


Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

Gollie! You do know them all by names. Amazing! To me a rose is a rose. Well, I know they come in white and red, of course.

My pond post is up. Hope I did you justice, despite the showers and the grey skies. Bacione, Ingrid

Carol said...

Ingrid is right... having the names of your roses at your fingertips sure adds to your writing. Lovely post. I did see the post by Ingrid (which is how I found you!) and it is wonderful!

I am guessing you must have to use a good deal of compost etc. for your roses. Hope you continue to get the rain you need. Carol