Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wisteria wow

Last year I posted a blog 'Wisteria woes' lamenting my inability to get Wisteria to flower. This month for the first time ever a wisteria has burst into flower. The happy specimen is a plant grown from seed by an American friend and given to me as a seedling some years ago. It was supposed to be coloured 'Chinese Pink' but until now I had no idea whether (a) it would come true to seed as Wisteria is difficult to propagate in this way and (b) what colour Chinese Pink was supposed to be. I do not know whether I got a positive answer for (a) and hence whether the colour in the photo is indeed Chinese Pink or something else, but it does seem dinstinctly more pink than other wisterias in the area. I think the abundant winter rains this year have been the key to success - and with other plants which are doing better than usual.

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