Monday, April 27, 2009

Chinese rose torture

The first set-back to my China rose trial - the boar have dug up vast tracts of the earth where they are planted and thrown plants everywhere. I hadn't the heart to photograph the disaster zone.
Interestingly, those roses which were planted bare-rooted seem to have stood their ground whereas the ones which came in pots have been dug up completely. I even had to go looking down the end of the garden to find some of them. Of course, the bare-rooted ones may still succumb from root damage but here's hoping. I have replanted them and put lights all around and so on but it is really dispiriting. I had a false dawn today when someone recommended putting ammonia in beakers covered with clingfilm nearby to ward the creatures off - but just now another gardener in the area has confirmed that it doesn't work. Another false dawn.


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peterandanna said...

It's because you are so upset Yvonne that you didn't read it right!!! Go back and take a look at what I put in reply. It's the human hair and deer that don't work!!

A friend made a temporary fence with green plastic wire in such circumstances and that worked for her, daft because the boar could easily push it over only 2ft high all round. It was veg rather than roses actually. Anna