Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pond life - grasses

Finally the planting around the edge of the pond can go ahead as the ground is now just about dry enough to work. My vivaista has decided to get rid of all her ornamental grasses to make way for other plants, so I have taken the lot. In fact this is a good way of experimenting as I have no experience of gardening with grasses. The vivaista team put in 150 plants and the effect is already pleasing: the fronds of the grasses reflect on the water surface and ripple in the breeze. There is a wide variety of leaf form, colour and height. Some of them are varieties of Carex and Juncus, which I am disappointed to discover need damp conditions but there is a boggy patch that might be alright.

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Jonty said...

Y, I continue to read your updates regularly, but why are you so stingy with words? I envy both the time and budget you have available, but without more guidance how am I going to even try to emulate you?