Friday, April 17, 2009

Chinese rose trial

Of all the roses Chinas seem to do best here. So I am holding my own little 'trial' of various types to see what there is beyond the usual Mutabilis. Most of them came by mail from Peter Beales - whose catalogue by the way, nowadays puts a sunshine symbol against roses that are suited to a warm climate, generally Chinas and Noisettes.
The trial roses are these rather wonderfully named ones:
Climbers: Cecile Brunner Climbing; Cramoisi Supérieur Climber; Old Blush Climber; Pompom de Paris
Tall shrubs: Fellemberg; Sanguinea; Beauty of Rosemawr; Camellia Rose; Gruss an Teplitz
Smaller shrubs: Louis IX; Arethusa; Perle d'Or; Queen Mab
The shrub roses are planted all together at the bottom of the garden in groups of 3 of each type, the climbers are dotted singly around the fence of the pond. Let's see how they get on.

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