Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bonfire Party

The olive pruning this year has been especially drastic - largely because because the olive pickers were far too rough and damaged a lot of branches which now have to be cut out. I am not allowing them to come back this autumn and am considering buying one of those mechanical picking devices - it can't be any worse than those heartless brutes. So now the prunings have to be burned - the wood is no good for the fire because it burns black and gives relatively little heat. Sounds a trivial job - just setting a match to a heap of branches - but in fact it is a couple of days work for two people. But at least it involves a lot less skill than the pruning or indeed the picking.

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Anonymous said...


Spent the day in Trevi yesterday. Bonfires everywhere... Perhaps you hired the same people. Hope your trees will recover!!!! A shame. Fully understand your (possible) four-letter words! Bacione, Ingrid