Monday, February 23, 2009

Pruning party

The other day the vivaista came round with her squad and descended on my poor neglected garden. Without mercy they pounced upon all the shrubs and plants and trimmed them almost to ground level, or so it seemed to me. I acknowledge that the garden was a bit of a mess and needed knocking into shape, and I don't want to second guess an expert. In fact it was amazing how quickly they got through a job that would have taken me days if not weeks - and they picked up all the branches and twigs too. Of course they didn't cut back those plants which flower early - cistus and so on. I am usually far too timid at this task and even with roses I too often give the plant the benefit of the doubt.
Another sensation of being inside an episode of 'Ground Force' ... Now I need to go round and feed the poor liitle plants so that they have the strength to grow back again.... let's see how it comes through in spring.

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