Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pond life - robotics

The robot has arrived and I plunged him straight into the water to make a start on cleaning the floor of the pond. But it's very slow work - such a lot of dust and whatever have fallen to the bottom during construction that I wonder whether robot is really making an impact. I have to empty the filter bag every hour or so and the robot seems to kick up a lot of dust as it goes along and makes the water cloudy. Cleaning has to stop for a few days then as the diggers are back and putting earth all around to make the levels right and get ready for planting. The plumber also is fixing up tubes between the well, a storage tank and the circulation system. Meanwhile there are flowers now on all the waterlilies - pink, white and yellow - and on the pink Butomus Umbellatus and the white Alisma Plantago. Blue dragonflies zoom overhead and waterboatmen skim about the surface.

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