Friday, July 11, 2008

Pond life - Keeping unwanted people out

It is the law here in Italy that pools and ponds must be fenced in - and they will send an inspector round to make sure. So immediately the fencing people came round and started putting up a 2m high chain-link fence. Ridiculous - and it made the place look more like Colditz than Umbria. So after wide consultation with others in the neighborhood I persuaded them that 1.25m would be perfectly adequate. The risk is that it will ruin all my attempts to make to pond look 'natural so I will have to try to diguise it with climbing plants. They have put the fence as far away as practical and now it is over 150m long. More expense.
Not a moment too soon though: the fencers reported that they had found 'footprints' in the sand at the edge of the pond. Feet? No: trotters. The prospect of wild boar getting in and ripping the liner is just too awful to contemplate.

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