Monday, July 21, 2008

Pond life - Circulating

The water is now up to the required level. We have started the circulating pump and the effect is very charming - no audible sound from the pump itself but gentle gurling as the water is recirculated under the rocks and gravel around the edge of the pond. Bubbles rise to the surface not just where the tubes are located but also every now and then above the aquatic plants - which means that the plants must be 'working'. Water boatmen and dragonflies have arrived to dart around on the surface.
The skimmer swirls the water inside a sieve which takes out the flotsam & jetsam. Unfortunately we still have wires draped all around because Enel have not yet installed the new power supply - they need to replace the pole to carry a heavier cable and the neighbour whose land it is on refuses to give them access. This means that to top up the evaporation the well pump runs at night otherwise it blows all the electrics in the house.

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