Sunday, July 13, 2008

June - Flaming damp squib

The rain continued through most of June and then stopped. The temperature soared to 38 degrees. The result? Rampant disease first in the vineyard then spreading to roses and shrubs and even the lilies in pots. Despite liberal doses of blue spray a lot of plants are looking pretty miserable - yellow leaves and shrivelled growth. Thos roses that have resisted the fungus have continued to flower much longer than normal so there is some compensation.
Scented flowering of lonicera (honeysuckle) and the jasmine-like trachelospermum jasminoides fill the terrace with perfume and the passiflora flowers at the top of a tree. Shrubs escallonia, lavatera and spirea put on an extra special show this year. Even the guava has flowered well despite the rain.

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