Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pond life - sand & gravel

Today has been very busy but not always doing productive work. The power supply to the house is too feeble to drive the pump which has to fill the pond with water. Steaming rows on the phone with the electricity company Enel but to no avail. The liner was supposed to have been extended but the firm responsible did not show up - despite promises all last week to come 'subito'. There was also something of a disagreement about how the stone wall should link in to the other part of the pond and how high the water should come up - a bit fundamental I would have thought.
Undeterred, the Expert and his team started to arrange the planting material on top of the grey felt. They first of all put down some coarse gravel in patterns and left spaces for sand. Then there was silt and sand in round shapes where the water lillies are to go. Then follows more gravel of various sizes and sand in abstract shapes where the other plants will live.
The pond is now filled with water up to the level of the low wall.

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