Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last night the wild boar got into the orto and dug massive holes. After all the rain it looked like the Somme. They did not actually eat any of the veg but the destruction was wholesale. Lettuces, french beans, swiss chard, courgettes all ripped up and trampled on. I have tried to put the soil back and re-plant any of the seedlings that appeared to still have some roots, but I doubt that they will re-take.
At the same time the porcupine has made a frenzied attack on irises and scratched up the gravel all around the new sedum bed. They had walked around the heavy stones I had put there and the moth balls were useless in the pouring rain.
Just as I was surveying the damage, a lad on a huge off-road motor bike came charging down the drive and rode right through the middle of the garden. He shouted at me 'where's the road' then proceeded to be sarcastic about my english-italian accent. A sure way to make me angry and I got rid of him rather more vigorously than perhaps was necessary.
I am really dejected by all this and I don't know which of these invaders I hate the most.

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